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21st Century Denture Technique


The 21st Century Technique of Making Dentures

You've Been Waiting For!

Altadonics Denture Services allows doctors to get high quality new dentures quickly and easily. Think of us as a conventional dental lab with patented techniques that will make your dental life easier. We provide a convenient way for your patients to have the best of both worlds: The comfort of the old with the beauty of a new denture!

Our patented technique allows us to make a precise impression and record the data points of a patients comfortable denture in a non-distorting material, a "blueprint" which can be used as many as 50 times to create the denture a patient is accustom to. Now both the doctor and the patient can rest assured that they are protected in the event a denture is lost or broken. Doctors never have to start from scratch again! Patients never have to get used to or go without their beloved denture!

No longer do dentists have to use the outdated stone method, which is lengthy, difficult and unpredictable. They now have access to the Altadonics technique which takes making dentures and improving the dental care of denture wearers into the 21st century! 

Discover the benefits of Altadonics Denture Services:

* Easy to use

* Provides comfort, beauty and lifetime security at a price your patients can afford

* Is the only company in the world that uses its patented techniques to capture, store and reproduce a new denture with the comfort of the old one.

* Applies to anyone who currently wears denture and those who will need to have dentures in the future

* Serves all doctors who already have denture wearing patients and those who would like to begin serving this group of patients

* Improves dental health of all denture wearing patients


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