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Patient Benefits


With the protection of our patented denture mould technique, you can have multiple dentures made that feel like your current denture without multiple office visits. You can have the comfort of your existing denture each time your denture is replaced! Your dentist makes and we store a new model using your old denture as a guide. Our technicians then use this new model to make each denture replacement you request.

Once the mould is made, we store it for you in our secure location for life!

Altadonics can make multiple dentures using the stored model which saves you time and money.

There is nothing for you or your dentist to store because we store it for you!

Altadonics Denture Services allows you to replace your dentures every 5-7 years (ADA recommended) with one that feels like the denture you love!

As an added benefit, we use the newest denture making techniques and materials to ensure a high quality product for every patient.

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