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Dr. William R. Price is a practicing dentist and the inventor of the Altadonics Denture technique. He currently holds 4 U.S. Patents and has transformed the method of making dentures from archaic to 21st century. His technique allows for a rubber mould to capture the "blue print" of a patient's existing denture and store this information in a nondistoriting form forever. Even if a patient needs small adjustments in fit, our technique allows for this to be done and stored to ensure that the patient and doctor do not have to start from scratch. With Altadonics, both patients and doctors win!

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The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill A.B. Chemistry   1967
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill D.D.S.   1971
Captain U.S. Army in Europe   1971-1974
Private Practice   1975-Present
Associations & Memberships    
American Dental Association    
N.C. Dental Society    
2nd District Dental Society    
Chairman Altadonics Denture Corporation   2002-Present
Patent Holder on 4 U.S. Patents      
Married   1965
Wife: Barbara
Children: William, Nicole
Grandchildren: 5

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