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Altadonics Dentures | The Assurance Denture by Altadonics in Winston-Salem


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The Assurance Denture by Altadonics
AssuranceDentureBEFORE.png   ADentureAFTERPIC.png
40 year old denture missing #7 tooth and diastema   The Assurance Denture (replaced #7 tooth and made exact copy of original denture with diastema)
AssuranceDentureBEFORE2.png   AssuranceDentureAFTER2.png
Patient requested exact copy with lighter shade   The Assurance Denture (exact copy) with lighter shade


What is the Assurance Denture by Altadonics?

The Assurance Denture by Altadonics is an exact copy of a patient's current denture. It maintains the length of teeth as well as the comfort and function of their original denture. This denture is made with poured teeth and requires no try-in appointment. (If the patient would like a lighter shade, we can provide this.)

Turnaround Time:

The Assurance denture takes two appointments (initial consultation with mould impression and delivery to patient). It is important to note that Assurance is a copy and will act as such.

Patient Benefits:

* To have a spare that looks and feels like the original denture

* Altadonics stores this "blue print" mould information for patient in case they need another one (no more starting from scratch.)

* Affordable to the patient

* The Assurance denture is ideal for patients who are senior, in nursing facilities and those with diminished cognitive abilities.

Doctor Benefits:

* Have patient mould on file should they need a new device

* Minimal appointments (2)

* Improved efficiency as dental assitants can make mould of original while doctor is seeing other patients



Winston-Salem Dentist | The Assurance Denture by Altadonics. William Price is a Winston-Salem Dentist.