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Altadonics Dentures | A-Tran Denture System for Immediates in Winston-Salem


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A-Tran Denture System for Immediates





Altadonics Immediate Denture System

(Clear Treatment & Final Dentures)

What is the A-Tran Denture System for Immediates?

This system provides the final denture and an exact clear-based treatment denture to the patient. The clear-based treatment denture is ideal for immediate placement after extractions and immediate placement after implants. The final pink denture and clear treatment denture are identical in fit and comfort allowing the patient to always have a comfortable and proper fitting denture to wear while lab updates are being performed.

Turnaround Time:

Once doctor has taken the initial mould impression and it is sent to our lab, we will be able to create both dentures in house. These will be completed in 7-9 business days. Doctors can plan the sugery for their patient based on 8 business days in our lab plus shipping time.

Patient Benefits:

* Always having a proper fitting and comfortable denture to wear while lab updates are being performed

* Always has a back-up denture in case they loose their original

* Always having the mould of the denture archived in our secure facility in case of an emergency

Doctor and/or Surgeon Benefits:

* Ability to always use the clear-based denture to see the proper relationship between the denture and the tissue

* Ability to quickly place the clear-based denture at surgery and use for the first month while patient undergoes initial healing

* Ability to see the relationship between the clear denture and implants

* Ability to place immediate pink liner in the denture, allowing an immediate post-surgical healing time for up to 4 weeks; after 4 weeks, a more stable tissue conditioner (such as hydrocast) can be placed in the final denture and used for a longer period of contiunual healing.

* Always having the mould of the denture archived in our secure facility in case of emergency

Winston-Salem Dentist | A-Tran Denture System for Immediates. William Price is a Winston-Salem Dentist.