"I inserted the A-Tran denture earlier this week and it went great! I have done a lot of immediate dentures in the past and the fit of this denture was superb even before relining with the Mucosoft! I am looking forward to doing more immediate dentures using the A-Tran system.

Thank you for making my life easier."

Dr. Stafford Conley, Jr.

Bowie, MD

"I wanted to tell you how pleased my patient and I were with today's insertion. Thank you. I'm near the end of my career and rarely see denture patients but if another one appears, only Altadonics will be the way to go."

Dr. Ed Kornbluh

New York, NY

"Altadonics Denture Systems is a simple, accurate, reliable technique to construct quality and predictable full dentures. The system also offers the preservation of the completed dentures since the Altadonics Lab takes a rubber base mold of the denture that they send to the Doc's.... So if your patient loses their denture, you can get an exact copy within 24- 36 hours!!! I had a patient recently lose his denture in the Florida surf and we had a new one sent to him in two days !!!! This technique can be added to your existing technique with ease!!!! Their lab is easy to work with and Dr Price is always available to help with any questions!!! I have been using this method for four years!!! I only wish I could find a way to market dentures so I can do more of them!!!!"

Dr. Dan Sweeney & Dr. Kate Regan

Milton, MA

"I think Altadonics is the real deal...your system is absolutely...well, its incredible!"

Dr. Travis McFee

“Altadonics added new product line to our services at White Rock Dental Lab. Our Doctors love it! I show up at the office explain the process to the patient and I teach the dental assistance how to clone the dentures (Assurance Denture).It is a simple process and the dental offices love it.”

Phil Mortenson, Vice President Business Development

White Rock Dental Lab, Louisville, KY

"Any doctor who constructs full dentures needs this method in their arsenal!!!! Your life will be made easier!!!!!"

Dr. Dan Sweeney & Dr. Kate Regan

Milton, MA

"When I watched the DVD that came with the kit, a light just came on and I thought, this is brilliant! Then after experimenting with the kit, I knew this was one of the best things I've seen in dentistry in a long time! Your profitability will skyrocket!"

Dr. Woody Oakes

Excellence in Dentistry

"IT'S HERE! Altadonics' services provide solutions to complicated and stressful prosthodontic problems...What a new and applicable breakthrough that is most futuristic."

Dr. Matt T. Wood

Former Chairman of the Department of Removable Prosthodontics at UNC


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