Frequently Asked Questions

How is Altadonics a 21st century technique?

Our technique provides complete protection against damage or loss while preserving the dimensional accuracy and surface integrity of the denture. By using a compound that is superior to alginate, the Altadonics technique can capture and store the dental blueprint of the comfortable denture for a patient's lifetime. Multiple dentures can be produced from this stored mould with precision, eliminating a doctor from ever having to start from scratch again.

Do I have to store all of the patient moulds in my office?

We store the mould on all three types for the patient, added protection against loss or damage, for a lifetime!

How do I determine which type of denture is most suitable for my patient?

During the initial consultation with the patient, you will use our patient questionnaire to decide which type would be most beneficial to your patient. This questionnaire is available online for registered doctors to utilize; once logged into Dental Professional Login, click on Getting Started: Forms and Training Video. We also welcome questions at our toll-free order hotline 1.866.221.7061 or 336.722.1876.

How will the Altadonics technique benefit my practice vs. the traditional stone & duplicator services?

Benefits of Altadonics technique:

  • Storage - Altadonics will store your patient's mould for their lifetime
  • Protection - Neither you nor your patient ever have to worry if the original is lost or damaged
  • Original Blueprint - Multiple dentures can be produced with precision and accuracy from the stored mould
  • Beauty - Enhanced with longer and lighter teeth (Very Best and Immediate Dentures)

What will Altadonics Denture services add to my practice?

Altadonics Denture services will add:

  • Efficiency - You will increase your ability to serve more patients in the same amount of time.
  • Profitablility - Our technique can increase your revenue per minute run rate (PMRR) up to 4 times over the process of making a replacement denture from using the traditional stone method.
  • Simplicity - No expensive hardware, equipment or lengthy trainings involved. Once you make the mould, you NEVER have to start over from scratch. All of the components used in the process are provided in a self-contained kit.
  • Security - Our method is the ONLY one that will store the crucial blueprint mould of the patient's denture for a lifetime.
  • Healthy Denture Patients - Now you can offer a replacement denture every 5 to 7 years like the ADA recommends without having to start over every time.

To go through the complete 30 minute mould creation process and discover the many benefits of offering our Altadonics Denture service through your office, please contact us!


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