Getting Started

Let us help you standout in your local dental market as an Altadonics Denture provider!

Here's how to register your practice online:

1. Click on the Contact Us tab

2. Send a request to register with us

3. We will assist you in setting up your account; you may also choose to contact us via phone at 336.722.1876.

How do I start using Altadonics in my practice?

1. First, register your practice with us online. We will grant you access to our online library of resources, videos and informative webinars..

2. Order your Altadonics Archiving Mould kits.

3. Train your staff with ease by watching our instructional video and other online resources. You will also have access to online tutorials on the Altadonics technique after registering.

That's it!

Now you and/or your assistants can apply our 30 minute patented process to every comfortable denture!

How do I order Altadonics Denture Kits?

There are two ways to order kits-

1. Call our office and order over the phone at 336.722.1876


2. Use our online store (must be a registered Altadonics member). You will also need to have a PayPal account in complete your order through our store. Please make sure that once you have placed your order, you make a payment through PayPal. We must receive payment for kits ordered before we can ship to your dental office.

How do I pay for my kits?

You may complete your kit purchases by:

1. Credit Card (must contact our office via phone)

2. PayPal through our online store (must have your own PayPal account to use this service.)


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