How The Altadonics Dentures Work

Do you or someone you love have dentures? Have you ever wondered....

  • Could I have a new denture made with new teeth AND the comfort of my "happy" one?
  • Could I get lifetime security on my "happy" denture, should it ever become lost or broken?
  • Is there a way to get a new denture without the hassle of multiple appointments and enduring adjustment periods?
  • Could I do this at an afforable cost?

The answer is YES!

Home of The Very Best Denture by Altadonics, Assurance Denture by Altadonics and The Altadonics Immediate Denture System, Altadonics is the answer to your complete denture service needs!

Here's how it works:

Do you or someone you love have dentures? Have you ever wondered....

  1. Consult with your dental professional to see if your denture fits and is functioning properly.
  2. Next, you or someone you love will take your denture to a dental office that offers Altadonics Denture service.
    • If your dentist is not yet enrolled to offer our service, tell them about our website or contact us and we will contact your dentist so that they can begin to offer the Altadonics Denture service.
  3. The dentist will need your denture for about an hour to complete the initial consultation questionaire and impression mould process.
  4. Using your questionaire, you and your dentist will select one of the following types of denture and the shade of teeth you would like:
    • The Very Best Denture (a new denture with set teeth, enhanced appearance and comfort of original)
    • Assurance Denture (new denture with poured teeth, an exact duplicate (copy) of appearance and comfort of original denture)
    • The Altadonics Immediate Denture System (New denture with set teeth that replaces natural dentention of patient)
  5. Your doctor will send it in with the requested information.

That's it!

With Altadonics, you can get a new denture with:

The comfort of the old, beauty of a new and lifetime security ALL at an afforable price!

Now your comfort and health are protected with Altadonics Denture Services. If your denture is lost, broken, or needs to be replaced for other health reasons, call your dentist and schedule a short appointment for your new Altadonics Denture to be delivered usually within a week.


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