Patient Testimonials

Testimonials At Altadonics, we value the feedback from our patients regarding their new dentures, services they have received and our company!

  • "I found Dr. Price 18 years ago. He had much knowledge and understanding concerning fit and appearance. Every detail was important to him...what a difference when one has found the best! The denture he made me was just right...Dr. Price is a master of his trade."
    A.W., Patient
  • "I now have beautiful teeth that I am proud to show off. My self-confidence has soared thanks to Dr. Price. He and his dental staff are welcoming, making going to the dentist an enjoyable experience. I would highly recommend them to anyone requiring dental services."
    J.M., Patient
  • "Have a problem smiling due to neglected teeth? I know a dentist who can take care of that problem. Dr. W.R.Price in Kernersville, NC. I gaurantee it!"
    L.M., Patient
  • "This is the BEST idea ever! I'm so glad I did my research and found a way to protect my dentures forever."
    W.C., Patient
  • "If you have dentures, know someone who does or are getting them for the first time, tell your dentist that you want to have Altadonics moulds made. They're a family company and really care to help the patient and their doctor. My doctor and I were really pleased with how easy it was and the new one felt comfortable like my old one. Highly recommend them and thank them for working with my doctor too."
    B.L., Patient
  • "For years, I've been terrified of losing my dentures. The nightmares are no longer part of my life now that I have my dentures archived with Altadonics. The peace of mind I have now allows me to enjoy my life on a whole new level. Thank you for giving me a way to live without fear."
    J.R., Patient
  • "I've hidden away from the world unless I had no choice but to go out. I was so ashamed, embarrassed, humiliated, I'd long ago lost my self-esteem. You have cared enough to create a miracle and give me my life back, allowing me to eat a balanced diet that will help me tremendously."
    B.S., Patient
  • "I have had an implant for 20 years. Dr. Price made me new dentures that look good and feel natural for me." Well pleased!"
    H.R.R., Patient
  • "I would like to express my gratitude for being able to replace my upper dentures after my first dentures were broke. I was a little concerned at first that using the mold you had made three years ago would not fit correctly in my mouth today. I was truly surprised at how well this second plate turned out. It has turned out better than the first plate you had made. If I did not know these were dentures I would say they were my natural teeth. The fit is just excellent!"
    Your Patient, S. Farrish
  • "As a registered staff nurse, 13 years..., I have observed numerous incidents of lost dentures by patients. These patients have trouble talking, taking medication, and eating. The patient becomes depressed, slowing their progression for recovery or even stoping it all together."
    Laura B. Southern, RN
  • "When a patient loses their teeth, there is a drastic, sudden change in appearance that can be quite embarrassing and the quality of speech changes, making it difficult to understand. A person suddenly without teeth is likely to avoid social contact with friends, and even family, and this can lead to feelings of isolation and depression fairly quickly."
    Dr. Maria E. Iruela, MD


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